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What to do When Electric Cars Run Out of Charge?

What to do When Electric Cars Run Out of Charge?

December 1st 2021

Electric cars are increasing in popularity and electric vans are no exception to this. Here's what to do when they run out of charge.

Electric cars are certainly increasing in popularity in the UK and they’ve certainly made consumers re-think more conventional approaches to transport. However, a big concern for lots of electric car users or would-be electric car users is since the car is electric, people have concerns about it running out of fuel or charge!

The fear of being broken down and running out of battery, and you’re nowhere near to your home where you can charge your car can be a real stress.  So with this in mind, what do you do when your car runs out of charge?

Electric car charging

The phrase ‘range anxiety is thrown around a lot these days and it's completely understandable. The anxiety of running out of charge is an issue for everyone and in an electric vehicle, as it is in a petrol or diesel car - you’re looking at the gauge on the dash which tells you how much is left.

If you plan out any long journeys this shouldn't be too much of an issue, however, there is always the risk of being caught out unexpectedly. Thankfully apps such as Zap-Map or built-in sat navs can help you to determine you to the nearest charging point, and also show if the station is available to use. They can even show you how much it’s going to cost and what connectors are available there.

How far can electric cars travel?

This will vary depending on the size of the batteries on board, the kind of driving you’re doing, the weather, and even traffic conditions. Electric vehicles come with a range indicator on the dashboard that indicates the real-world mileage you can expect from your car as you’re behind the wheel. This real-world mileage differs between vehicles. A 40kWh Nissan Leaf can do over 160 miles while a Tesla Model S P100D can do over 360 miles.

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