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What Fuel Type Suits Me Best?

What Fuel Type Suits Me Best?

September 27th 2021

Knowing which fuel type is right for your vehicle is crucial for a number of reasons. Which fuel type suits you best?

There is more choice than ever in terms of fuels available on the market. However, when it comes to selecting one that suits your needs, where on earth do you begin? While some alternative fuel types may sound like a fantastic ‘greener’ solution, you need to be realistic about what is feasibly going to work for you.

Taking your vehicle into consideration, you'll discover that some fuel types are more suited to you than others. Here we run through a few of the most widely used fuel types to help you discover which type is right for you!


For drivers who have a slightly more varied usage pattern, hybrids are a fantastic option.

In part they use an electric motor, part petrol engine they're very adaptable. They use less fuel, so emit less CO2. Unlike EVs, hybrids don't need to be recharged with a plug-in. Rather, the batteries get recharged from the energy from braking.


If you live in a more rural location and don’t have to travel too much, then a petrol car is likely the best option for you. This fuel type is perfect for those who travel less than 100 miles, often with a few and far between journeys up to 150 miles. For individuals with environmental concerns, it’s useful to know that most petrol stations serve unleaded fuel. It's fused together with bioethanol, which makes the petrol greener.


An electric vehicle does not possess a standard combustion engine and will run off an electric motor, thus producing zero emissions. This is the most environmentally friendly vehicle. This too indicates electric vehicles are very cost-effective as they need no external fuel costs. Widely used electric vehicles include the NISSAN Leaf and Tesla Model S.


Spend a large portion of your time driving on motorways? Then diesel really is the way to go. This fuel type is made for those drivers who maintain speeds of over 50 mph for bouts of 30 to 50 minutes. It's best for those typically completing journeys of over 100 miles on a frequent basis.

Diesel isn’t necessarily the best option for the environment and this is because it emits carbon soot and nitrogen oxide. So, if you drive a large-scale vehicle such as a lorry for a living,  it might be a smart idea to opt for a petrol engine instead.

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