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CAZ: the new acronym coming to town

CAZ: the new acronym coming to town

July 20th 2021

These are a few of the acronyms that have been bounding around the auto industry for the past couple of years...

ULEZ. WLTP. RDE. Sound familiar?

These are a few of the acronyms that have been bounding around the auto industry for the past couple of years. For transport managers, car and LCV salespeople, small business van owners, and pretty much everyone else in the UK, these have become an instant headache.

"But I never drive in London, or even near London, so none of these matter to me. I’ll never be inconvenienced or charged for driving my old (or not so old in many cases) diesel."

Sound like familiar thoughts? Well, think again.

There’s a new acronym coming to town, CAZ

And the chances are it’s coming to a town near you, and it's going to cost.

Five cities have been mandated by the government to introduce a clean air zone (CAZ), with another 60+ local authorities considering the introduction of clean air zones (CAZs). Standards will be set much the same as the ULEZ, so if your vehicle is not compliant for driving in London free of charge, you are highly likely to be charged in any clean air zone.

Clean Air Zones are in operation now in Bath and Birmingham, with Bristol set for the summer of 2022. And this is just the start of the cities proposing to bring in Clean Air Zones. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, daily charges will be applied per day for non-compliant vehicles.

But there is some good news

There are a lot of compliant cars in stock, ready to go and replace your costly vehicles. And even better, there are a lot of great leasing deals available too. All you have to do is get in touch with us, we can take your old cars and vans off your hands, and have your brand new compliant vehicles delivered to you in no time!

We are here to help, so if you want to have a no-obligation chat about changing some of your vehicles in for brand new compliant models, get in touch!

As a rule of thumb, if your petrol vehicle is registered before September 2004, or your diesel vehicle is registered before September 2015, it’s probably not compliant. You can check on Transport For London's website.

Check your vehicle here.

And if you’re feeling skeptical, just check out the BVRLA’s interactive CAZ map, this is going to be big.

Check the map out here.

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